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REPORT: HDD and Microtonneling exchange program

Report for HDD and Microtonneling exchange program

Dates: 09-13 June 2014

Where: Switzerland, Italy, France

"Advanced technology and experience in building of Tunnels and Highway Crossings - THE EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE"

The program of technical exchange on drilling and microtunneling
• A controlled drilling and expansion in the rock with the pneumopercussion technologies
• Innovative methods for drilling, and the relative stability of methods, with the work in moving terrain. Valid angles of drilling
• The concept design drilling complexes from the point of view of energy transfer and transformation
• The construction and mining disturbance
• The selection method of construction trenchless transition
• Preparation of working-site
• Related work in the construction developed together with transitions. Logistics.
• Drilling in permafrost conditions

Technical visit was scheduled for 2 technical visits: the construction of the tunnel (the longest in Europe a tunnel for railway, a long of 57 km) and the method maxi-reaming (a complex transition in the Alps a long 980 m and with the difference between elevation of 450 m), as well as full day city sightseeing tour in Venice.
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