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Report: Tunnels and Trenchless Crossings Design


24 – 26 September 2014, St. Petersburg

From organiser:

"Design  and construction of underground utilities and transportation facilities, particularly in large megalopolises like Moscow, is a technically challenging task. This can be attributed to the immense density of the existing pipelines, tunnels, sewers and subway tunnelsof various installation depths and various age. The work is greatly impacted by geology. Moscow is built on karst soils.These soils are likely to form cavities with groundwater streams; hence the increased risk of collapse. Besides, the existing residential areas requirean uninterrupted supply of power and resources to 24/7 consumers (cultural and welfare facilities and 24/7 industrial production facilities) during the re-installation and forced re-arrangement of the existing utilities. UG infrastructural facilities typically require a service life of 100 years and more, given the construction costand the complexity of reinstalling or re-arranging these. I hope that the need for the conferences and seminars held by Inventor Industries will grow from event to event; I am also sure that these events will enjoy continuous support from investors and municipal structures due to the great importance of exchanging the experience in the use of cutting-edge engineering and construction solutions for complex transport systems."

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