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Pipebursting machine AC-60(120)

Pipebursting machine AC-60(120)

Pipebursting machine AC-60(120)

MODEL AS-60, AS-120

Model AC-60 (120), is designed for trenchless replacement and with the destruction of existing pipelines.

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This equipment makes it possible not only to carry out building new networks without excavation, produce punctures under highways, railroads with the installation of steel casings up to 25 m, but also to repair work of water supply, sewerage and heating system to 115 ° C, increasing to 30% the diameter of the existing pipeline.

With the destruction of the old pipeline combinable head breaks his knife in half the old pipe and the new pipe is pulled inside the old with the help of the hydraulic machine. Penetration length depending on the ground can reach 200 m.

Trenchless installation of AC-60 (120) manufactured by climate conditions for the execution of "U1" category 1, storage conditions - ZHZ GOST 15150.