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Internal Coating

Internal Coating

Internal Coating

Coating plants for spraying in the field intended to apply a protective coating on the pipe inner surface acting.

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Mounted trailer (standard tank capacity). Without a generator and a compressor (model 459.220.1). The detailed specification is given below:

Currently our systems are considered the most powerful in the world of peers. Each uses a powerful pumping equipment, which allows the application of extremely high-quality coverage and increase productivity by almost 50% in comparison with competitive pumping systems. In general, a 459 is used for the deposition of a thick coating of high viscosity on pipes with diameters of 50 to 1500 mm.

The standard delivery set includes hose reel and winch that allows to coat the pipe lengths up to 220 m long.

Equipment allows you to work with and provides quick-drying materials and mixing loose components within one minute. Besides various provided for spraying materials from polyurethane - quick-polymeric protection system, - to epoxy resin. Planned working material specified by the customer before production of the installation. A plurality of mixing of the components and one for the transition from one material to another.

  • Typically, the unit is mounted on a sled or trailer, and include the following components:
  • Mounted trailer / sled / car;
  • Tanks for the storage of materials;
  • Pumping and measuring equipment;
  • System supplying high-pressure fluid;
  • Winch and hose reel;
  • Umbilical hose;
  • Built-in mixer and sprayed working head for pipe diameters from 50 - 1500 mm;
  • Computer control and data acquisition;
  • Accessories and optional components;