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Hydrotreating pipeline cleaning system

Hydrotreating pipeline cleaning system

Model: high jetting pipeline cleaning installation 250Z P24

- High-pressure pump: Woma 250Z P24

- Rated consumption: 62 l / min

- Operating pressure: 1500 bar

- The working fluid : water

- The height of the liquid on the suction side of the: 3-8 bar

- Maximum water temperature: 50 ° C

- The required drive power: 163 kW

- Rotational speed: 1800 rev. / Min.

- Crankshaft revolutions: 504 vol. / Min.

- Ratio: 3,57:1

Material performance:

- pump cover

- Stainless steel, with hydrostatic compensation

- conversion unit

- stainless steel

- plungers

- tungsten carbide

Pump pressure:

Glycerine filled pressure gauge Bourdon, joining Hinterland, measured pressure range 0-2000 bar.

Safety valve:

Safety valve for a maximum pressure mounted to the pump cover, installed on over 10% of the normal operating pressure.

Oil cooling:

Cooling chamber in the crankcase.

The oil pump is cooled by a heat exchanger in the crankcase, which takes water from the pressure of 3-8 bar suction pump or a separate supply of water to cool the oil. This prevents overheating of the oil pump at a high ambient temperature and ensures a long operating life.

Forced lubrication:

The main bearings and connecting rod bearings oil is supplied to the pressure 6 bar pump crankcase with oil pump with a 5 micron filter, mounted on the drive shaft.

Pressure tube:

Screw-in fitting 1 x M24 X1.5 .


The engine and the pump are connected flexible drive in the housing of stainless steel.



-The Model:

Volvo Penta TAD951VE Stage IIIA and Tier III Emissions Certified

-Output power:

Useful rated power at 1800 rpm. - 204 KW

-Speed of rotation:

1800. /min.


Water-cooled version

-The number of cylinders:

6, and the turbocharged engines


The electric starter, 24 in

Equipment engine:

- The heat sink for hot climates

- The air filter assembly.

- The Electric speed control unit

- The stop solenoid

- The electric starter motor for 24 in

- The alternator 60 and

- The muffler.

Control and monitoring system.

- The engine control and measuring instruments in waterproof performance in the housing of stainless steel.

- The simple control panel with PLC

- The key-operated switch

- The start button

- The automatic lock button

- The emergency off button

- Control panel for automatic shut-off in the event of a critical working conditions, including:

- The pressure of the oil in the pump

- The pressure of the oil in the engine

- The temperature of the water in the engine

- The water pressure at the inlet

The low level of the liquid in the tank with water

Electrical system on the 24 in the 2x12 in batteries for heavy conditions and an isolator switch batteries.

Mounting frame:

Install the assembly is mounted on a sturdy frame made of steel with a cross-section and sighting range incorporates sections under a forklift truck. The frame and all the subsidiary steel components have passed usd processing in accordance with SAE 2.5 and have a zinc primer coating with pre-applied over 2-slice epoxy coating with colours on the customer choice.

Tank with water.

- 500-liter tank of water in stainless steel, comply with local regulations water, is supplied in the following equipment:

- The level control

- The sight gauge with a visual countdown

- The mutes the system if fluid level is low

- The drain valve

Suction line:

Filter Housing of stainless steel with the filter elements (5x10 ", 10 microns.

Fuel tank:

250 liter tank, calculated at least 10 hours of work, the following equipment:

- A removable inspection cover

- The lockable filler Pulkovo airport.

- The mechanical fuel level gauge

- Fuel system is equipped with a separator diesel fuel and water.

The priming pump:

- The priming centrifugal pump is designed to maintain the pressure at the inlet is not below 3 bar. Pump Drive Motor with v-belts from diesel engine.

- Drive belts have a guard of stainless steel.

Optional equipment:

The standard set of tools

- Documentation - manuals in English on two turns plus an electronic copy on CD-ROM.

The quality and certification:

- The documentation is available for delivery: (as a minimum)

- The declaration of conformity and CE Declaration of Conformity components

- The diagrams connect and control

- The list of hardware specifications

- All the necessary data on the major components

The Directive: CE marking, met requirements the following directives: Machinery Directive 98/37/EC annex IIB, EC Directive 94/9/EC,EN 809 and EN 6024 Part I, EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1

Optional equipment:

Coil for hose with hydraulic drive:

Install comes with coil for hose with a direct hydraulic drive with 100-foot high-pressure hose 3/4 ", with the front/back hydro-engine nozzle. The guides hoses with extensions handles. Speed regulator pays out and rewind. Rotary high-pressure connection, calculated at 1500 bar.

Installation is equipped with a hydraulic pump with flow rate 50 l/min / 250 bar, driven by pto shaft on the pump 250Z, 100-liter steel hydraulic tank, filters in the feed and return line. Is a three-position selector valve - forward, neutral and reverse.

The system cleaning pipes 600- 1200 mm.

- Swivel assembly, quick-action, 22 thousand psi

- The holes in the chamber, 22 thousand psi, 3/4 -16NF (G12) , 15-24 gallons per minute, 2 with 45° 90° 135°

- Attack Tip 1/4 NPT - size orifice to be determined

- HD and ring assay with 1 bolt HC 098

- Kit Service - Fast

- Scissor Centralizer metric 6 Wheel 22k psi LG 16-60 in / hose 41-152 cm of the localizer adapter

- Extension tubes for pipes 600 - 1200 mm

- Tube of stainless steel, 22 thousand psi, 3/4 MP, with O-ring seals, overall length 8 in.

- Tube of stainless steel, 22 thousand psi, 3/4 MP, with O-ring seals, overall length 12 inches

- Tube of stainless steel, 22 thousand psi, 3/4 MP, with O-ring seals, overall length 16 inches

- Tube of stainless steel, 22 thousand psi, 3/4 MP, with O-ring seals, overall length 20 inches

ARP conversion unit.

- All the parts necessary to convert high-pressure pump 250Z in high flow pump P65 ARP from obtaining flow 397 l/min at 210 bar.

- The pressure fluid ARP 1 x 011.4917

- Conversion unit 1 x 010.8548 P65.

- Loop-through pressure relief valve 1 x 001.1596

- Reconstruction ring 1 x 100.1453

High-pressure hose.

- Length 5 x 20 m, and DN12, operating pressure 1500 bar, swivel mount transponder type M24 x 1.5 .

- Screw-in union of stainless steel 5 x M24 x 1.5 .

- Certified welded lift frame with 5 sling mountings:

Control water under pressure.

2 Bilateral bypass valve, air setting, with the shut-off valve. Pneumatic valve multiplayer to work with two "guns".

Air system:

- Pneumatic control panel

- The compressor 16CFM with the drive from the engine

- Cylinder compressor to 100 litters

- Jumper to connect pneumatic tools and control line.

- Four-wheel trailer with parking brake, turning platform and a turning-point hitch tube.

Silencing hood:

Install concluded in silencing hood, outer part is covered by two piece with pu/acrylic composition, colour to be determined.

The rotating cleaning system pipes R. D. R. :

- The rotating tube cleaning system

- Type RDR 1500

- Contents:

- 1 Wheel drive with air motor

- 1 Adjustable gear, clutch and the rotating grommet

- 1 Installing the hose

- 1 The guide hose

- 3 Adjustable cleaning nozzle for pipes

- 1 High-pressure hose

Technical specifications drive:



430 mm


400 mm


950 mm


122 Kg

The operating pressure

Max. 1500 Bar

Flow Rate

Not more than 180 l/min.

Hose connector:

M 24 x 1.5 with an outside thread/ M36 x 2 with an external thread


PneumoengineMax. Air pressure 6 bar.

Compressed air flow

65 m3/h

Speed of rotation

16 - 144 rpm.


The rotating installation for cleaning pipes Wоmа is a high-efficiency unit for speed high-pressure hoses, which provides excellent coherence in the work of the cleaning head to the challenge for cleaning. The procedure allows you to remove any residual material inside tubes without banding.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • The kit includes 1 tip holder
  • The maximum operating pressure 1500 bar
  • Threaded connection M 30 x 1.5
  • The kit includes 1 high-pressure hose to connect high-pressure pump and the rotary cleaning system pipes, for example, for operating pressure 1500 bar:
  • HP-hose DN12-20M-SR2
  • For hose connection DN 12 SR2 to the rotating system cleaning pipes must be:
  • Double nipple M24 x 1.5 DK/DZ                                                       1 is included in the kit
  • Unloading Device voltage                                                                 2 are included in the box     
  • Attention: you need air delivery system

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