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Pipeline TV inspection

Teleinspection of pipelines 150-1000 MM

Teleinspection of pipelines 150-1000 MM


- Diameters from 150 mm to 1000 mm

- The maximum cable length of 250 meters (standard 200 meters)

- Polyurethane cable braiding

- 10.4 Inch TFT monitor

- DVR recording on a USB drive

- 240 V power is supplied by a generator or other power source

- 2x500 - lumens lighting

- CMOS SOC image sensor

- Horizontal resolution above 420 lines

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Optical Systems for pipeline’s inspection

Optical Systems for pipeline’s inspection

Inspection radius of 120 meters

The kit includes:

• Head of video inspection device

• Telescopic camera mount, optional 7.3 m, 9.1 m, and 4.8 m

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Timely repairs or just cleaning the pipeline (though whether it is plumbing, though the pipeline, though any other communication) blockage - is the key to its normal functioning.

Example of TV incpection system for pipeliens from 150 mm to 1000 mm diameters:

Example of optical system:

Accordingly, at the time identified the problem and ensure that no obstructions such unpleasant phenomena as off, for example, water or heating the completely urban areas, towns and even villages. It is therefore advisable to choose such diagnostic equipment that quickly and accurately identifies the problem.

To date, there are many different methods and techniques for the study of pipes. One of the most modern methods to not only quickly, but also practically with absolute accuracy the problems in the pipes - it teleinspection. With the help of specialized equipment for TV, inspection may inspect the pipe inside: exact image of sufficiently high resolution displayed on the TFT-screen with a diagonal of 10.4 inches in real time. This examination makes it easy to find areas where pipes, corroded, blockages and trapped in the line items, cracks and other damage.

For professional video recordings will be enough, and sometimes even more pictures, in order to determine exactly what repairs are needed in this case. Thanks to the timely conduct, teleinspection often avoided drainage pipeline and as a result, violating the integrity of the buildings, which saves both time and money spent.

Teleinspection of pipes can be carried in pipes from 150 mm to 1000 mm in diameter. Equipment for such a survey is a special moving platform on which installed a video camera that transmits a signal to the monitor. If necessary, you can organize and display pictures directly on the laptop monitor. The camera is attached to a long enough cable - up to 250 meters - that allows conducting a survey on a deep level. The image that is displayed on the monitor, and simultaneously recorded on USB-drive, which allows further viewing it in more detail. The complete system for teleinspection includes several sets of wheels of different diameter , moreover, can further increase the height of the chamber and the length of the cable , making the equipment suitable for the study of the various pipes and tunneling viewing per 250 meters of pipe . Also, the equipment is constantly being upgraded , and in the near future a penetration distance can be increased to 500 meters. The survey is conducted , of course, not in the dark - the lighting system is equipped with an autonomous power 2x500 lumens. Mounted system can overcome teleinspection angles , making research more accurate.

With the help of such equipment may be conducted teleinspection sanitation , inspection of oil and gas pipelines , as well as the study of water supply and even teleinspection wells. This option survey proved to be excellent as a preventive method that no particularly large costs that would be required for direct inspection of tinder , allows time to identify and correct problems . This is especially important for large fuel and energy complexes and pipelines City ( district , settlement ) value , as it provides an uninterrupted supply of water or , for example, gas. Also indispensable is teleinspection pipelines for large enterprises, whose work depends on the work of communications.

Properly conducted teleinspection allows easily determine the following issues:

- Undocking seams;

- A variety of mechanical damage;

- Lick detection;

- Stuck objects;

- Accumulation of mud and other blockages;

All this issues can be found even before the real problems begin with the filing or challenge, such as water. Teleinspection identify subtle field clogging and minor damage and can prevent accidents.

The main advantages of teleinspection - is its mobility, image accuracy and the fact that the survey does not require drainage pipe , which is especially important in the study of the line pipe , as it saves intact , such as tramways or highway . In addition, the pipeline teleinspection saves time and money and increases the operational period of the pipes themselves . Modern systems can operate at teleinspection spread of temperatures from minus 10 to plus 40 degrees , so that such a study can be carried out at almost any time of year.

Teleinspection of pipelines - is the most modern , reliable and most accurate way to diagnose the pipes in a short time . Such timely conduct of research will allow time to find all the problems and even just starting blockages , and, of course , promptly remove them. Thus, the communication will only need to repair, and a costly and long-term work can be avoided.

Zero accidents , clean the pipe with the maximum capacity and any interruption in the supply - this is what you can achieve , having timely teleinspection pipeline.