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Drill Rig PD 80/50 RP

Drill Rig PD 80/50 RP

Crawler carriage with mounted control cabin

The PD 80/50 RP-C in its basic design is equipped with a powerful 240 kW Deutz diesel engine as well as with a drill mast of 10 m length. Due to the compact construction as well as a pull back of 80 t at a torque of 50,000 Nm, drillings with length of 1,200 m and diameter up to 1,200 mm are possible.

Because of its low weight and small dimensions, the PD 80/50 RP is the ideal solution for sophisticated drill tasks at narrow construction conditions.

This device is extremely fast and maneuverable at the time of setting and loading.

Among other options like drill rod crane, drill rod supply, drill rod manipulator as well as drill data log in system, the PD 80/50 RP also is available in reforced version.

This version is equipped with a reforced front construction, which has been developed to carry a drill mast of up to 14 m length. Herewith range 2 drill pipes can be used. In this case it is utile that the device can increase the torque to64,000 Nm.

Like all the other HDD directional drill rigs, manufactured by PRIME DRILLING, also the PD 80/50 RP-C is equipped with rack and pinion system (R&P), so that a smooth running of the power rotary head or rather the drill pipes is guaranteed.

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