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Drill Rig PD 30/18 RP

Drill Rig PD 30/18 RP

Crawler carriage with mounted control cabin.

The horizontal directional drill rig PD 30/18 RP-C is a powerful and technically fully developed device. Due to its compact construction, time and effort to install the drill mast and getting it into the right drill position is reduced to a minimum.

All movement-settings- and drill functions are driven by a Deutz diesel engine watercooled, power 140 kw. The function of feed and retraction of the hydraulic power rotary head are smoothly driven by a rack & pinion feed-system (RP). Due to the pull back power of 30 t as well as a torque of 18,000 Nm, drillings with length of up to 600 m and with diameter up to 600 mm are possible.

The PD 30/18 RP-C can be equipped with a semi-automatic rod magazine, which has a load capacity of maximum 72 m directional drill rods. A bentonite pump "on board" that is driven by the hydraulic system of the machine is only one of many other options.

The drill- and setting functions are controlled out of the control cabin, which is equipped with heating and radio as standard. Further option are availabe on requirement.

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