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Drill stem VERMEER D100X120 FSII

Drill stem VERMEER D100X120 FSII

Series: HI276376

For the rig: Vermeer D100x120

Our company sells drilling tools for horizontal directional drilling method. High quality drill rods Hunding Trenchless U.S. production facilities for any Vermeer , Ditch Witch, Uni 120x180 , Uni 60x70 , Case 6010/6030 have proven themselves as the most reliable in its segment. Threaded rod Firestik, Vermeer brand developed in the 90s, were highly appreciated by professionals. All drill rods have your number that is assigned to each product individually. Here you can buy a drill rod for horizontal drilling to any settings Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Uni and Case.

Today plots iron or automotive coatings; housing estates are using trenchless technology communications. For the use of a drilling rig with a horizontally -directed action of the rods with different diameters, which are selected depending on the desired traction and soil parameters. Rod for HDD are the most critical part of the equipment. From the quality of the bar depends on the quality of horizontal directional drilling and productivity.

The main burden in trenchless drilling during installation rests on the bar. Therefore, drill rods Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Uni and Case produce only stainless steel with a tensile strength of not less than 60 kg/mm2 by cold forging. Use in the manufacture of cylindrical work piece, allowing to make drill rods without weld, so they have great flexibility and durability. The wall thickness is increased, whereby the drilling tool of these brands can withstand the maximum load during drilling operations. To ensure uninterrupted supply of drilling fluid to the bottom of the rods in this segment increased inner diameter.

In operation, the drill string without technological disturbances tool life is increased by several times. Rod properly fitted to the model rig that meet the designated manufacturer, reliable and durable operation. Bending radius, affecting traction drill rod, wall thickness and diameter must correspond to the nature of drilling operations. We will help you avoid mistakes when buying equipment for horizontal directional drilling method and choose the instrument in accordance with the parameters of your rig.

Our prices depend on the drill rods hardware specifications. Tool marks Vermeer (Vermeer Navigator), Ditch Witch, Uni 120x180, Uni 60x70, Case 6010/6030 presented by all major models of rods for HDD. We will help you choose the best option of drilling tools for quality and price that suits you. All the essential information on the drill rod is available on our website. For more details about prices and conditions, you can contact our specialists.

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