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Drill Stem Vermeer D80X100 FSI

Drill Stem Vermeer D80X100 FSI

Drill Stem Vermeer D80X100 FSI

Series: HI-222454

For rig: NH Vermeer D80x100 Serial II 

The external diameter main body: 8.9 cm 

Wall Thickness main body: 1.1 cm 

the external diameter connections: 9.2 cm 

the internal diameter connections: 3.8 cm 

Type of thread: Firestiсk (castings made on1-800)

Length: 4.57 meters 

Stem Weight: 113.4 kg 

The permissible bending radius: 60.2 m 

Maximum length chain stem for bending 90 degrees: 94.5 m 

The maximum force on the windup: 13 558.2 Nm 

Description threads - HIWS1 

The Inspection 

Using special tools, a control connections:

  • Thread Size
  • Height threads
  • The length of the joint
  • The diameter of the thread
  • Profile threads
  • The external diameter
  • Step threads
  • Turn of the thread
  • Diameter "nose" external threads
  • Thread Length
  • Visual inspection

Measurements are being recorded for each connection and data records are part of the entire work. 

Design features of the drill rod HIWS1


- Steep, conical, deep, tenacious thread connection

- Carving is designed for quick screwing

- “Double shoulder “for the force to increase the torsional

- Internal and external displacement of the castle for the tensile strength and improve drilling performance

- A small burr on the joints to improve connectivity and extend the life of the thread

- Additional protectors internal and external threads to prevent damage


Forging process

Begins with a smooth piece of pipe about three feet longer than the total length (10 feet). Ends are heated and hammered the size according to specification Hunting. Pipe and heating up in accordance with special standard. Mechanical testing conducted over the pipe for conformance and achieve the required parameters.


Locksmith process

Before processing tube rectified. Both ends are aligned according to the size. Created thread "Papa" and "Mama”. Conducted logging on each thread and thread inspection.

The finishing process

Thread "dad" and "mom" are abrasive treatment to minimize thread wear. Used protectors external and internal threads.


All blanks who come to the plant are recorded in a special document. Issued a unique number (JW #). Each blank is assigned a unique number and is drawn to her.

Full list the following information:

Manufacturer work piece; and chemical composition; process casing; - Report of incandescent - other records obtained; Locksmith - procedure; record as of the thread; - shipping documents.

A unique number is placed on the part of the external thread (with end) on each rod to guide the precise control of her condition and the manufacturing process.

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