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Tools against walk deposition in oil wells

Gas paraffin crude oils is complicated by deposition on the surfaces on endosulphan GCPS, the underground and ground equipment and landlines. Consumables up to the present time methods to combat open campfire make one deposits: inhibition, handling hot petroleum products etc., Crackers and are associated with a lot. Other ways to combat the deposits paraffin is, based on the use of permanent magnets, ultrasound, also do not show effectiveness in practice. The method, based on the exploration dewaxing Enercat is very promising. The general principle of the work of dewaxing Enercat  is the following:
Quartz crystals are arranged in the housing dewaxer so that when due to turbulent flow of oil takes place "wobble", generates electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. These waves penetrate through the inner casing dewaxer affect rising by tubing oil, resulting in micellar structure of paraffins and asphaltenes contained in the oil remains in the form in which it was at reservoir conditions.

Enercat  - a submersible instrument used for the prevention and removal of paraffin and asphaltene in oil production. It can be installed in any well, docking with the tubing string - tubing (tubing) by a threaded connection. Exceptions are wells that used electric submersible pumps (ESP), a strong electric field generated by electric submersible pumps installed, prevents full operation dewaxer.

A. The inner shell
Metal in corrosion - resistant performance (resistance to gray - Hydrogen corrosion), short pump - compressor tube, ends having threaded connections, which are embedded in acting pump design - tubing.

B. The outer casing
Metal outer casing welded to the inner housing dewaxer and serves to support the internal filler.

C. Fillers
The filler consists of a quartz crystal connected with particle semiprecious metals, filled aluminium alloy.

D. Turbulent flow oil
Advantages over other types of dewaxing.

- Elimination of the required time-consuming and expensive works on hot oil dewaxing, inhibiting application;
- Disposable installation, maintenance-free and the external power supply;
- Ability to reinstall on another well;
- No damage to the drill rod or pump due to the formation of wax or asphaltenes;
- Increasing the lifetime and performance of the equipment;
- Clean the surface of the wellbore and reservoir.

Picture above shows the results of the units indicating the flow rate of oil production.
Installing Enercat  is not radioactive and magnetic.

Through the use of dewaxer Enercat  number of oil companies of the world, such as TAG Oil Ltd. (New Zealand), Shell Canada Limited, Sinopec (Argentina), NAL Energy Corp. (Canada), Lease Operators Ltd. (Trinidad), Crown Point Oil & Gas (Argentina) and several others have made significant cost reduction methods for dealing with paraffin deposits, as well as increased production of each individual within the time interval of well tools.

Our company is a distributor of downhole dewaxer  Enercat  produced in Canada. We are ready to analyze the situation with paraffin on your deposits and offer solutions based on dewaxer Enercat.