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Restore sewage systems using a woven plastics fiberglass sleeves with resin impregnated

You do not want nothing more than to hear about the rehabilitation sewer pipe - at least, the following 50 years.

Technically advanced, cost-effective, environmentally safe and flexible mounting technology; materials and manufacturing processes controlled with quality; individual counselling and services; professional agents – are the factors that give you the use of fiberglass rehabilitation liners.

Advantages of the high content of fiber glass, the thickness of the walls 3-12 mm, is sanitized for all types of cross-section is circular, and link to this boxlike profiles, the diameters rehabilitation tubes 150 to 1200 mm, no problems with total di fund sites with angles 30 degrees, sleeve lengths up to 500 meters, the short time of installation and start-up (for a few hours), small costs energy, the polymerisation using ultraviolet radiation, full logging process polymerisation.

High resistance to loads and durability fiberglass impregnated with resin is based on the excellent mechanical and chemical characteristics. Elasticity Module with tear bar and the strength to bend in this regard, it is particularly important. Mechanical properties reach characteristics such material, which, for example, the flexible deposit, cuffs of synthetic materials, it is impossible to expect.

This fact is valid also in the direct comparison module long elasticity when tear bar. During the tests on the long-term durability, continuing 10.000 hours was received reduction factor for a constant load. Creep Test takes into account. Based on the results it is possible to describe the behaviour in a constant load in 50 years.

In the world are already installed hundreds of kilometres of glass fiber rehabilitation liners, this is an indication of economic and technological efficiency method.

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