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On 29 March Trenchless seminar. Not MAS GNB

Whether we like it or not, but winter lull and even stagnation follows: industry is ending. In addition, this can be seen not only to weather indicators. Even vice versa, cold does not derogate from rush. However, the number of important in industry-wide basis events increases with each passing day. March has been already marked by starting the program follows: training courses in Kazan КГАСУ, is about to start XI annual conference business of the members of MAS GNB in Novosibirsk. In addition, this is the third consecutive year and domination event. First, only the facts.
That: a practical workshop "Underground Engineering and asphalt construction technology and recovery pipes - best practices and modern engineering solutions"
Where: Russia, St. Petersburg, city: Donetsk, house 14 (based on the company "Строимеханизация")
When: 29 March 2012.
Who: ZAO "Inventor Industries"
For whom: to participate in the seminar are invited: managers and professionals operating the utilities, electricity, managers and specialists customer services real estate and other divisions of the company, managers and specialists contractors, specializing in underground construction and administratively
The official program of the seminar.

Is already itself an interesting event, if judged only on the proposed program - there is the expansion of the range of technologies developed together, which de facto weaker are represented on the Russian and CIS market. Agree, the method "pressure retention", CIPP, application of polymeric coatings have not yet received due share in our market, in comparison with other countries. Yes and further development geographical "confrontation" between indignation and St. Petersburg, which are centres of trenchless movement of Russia is also very interesting.
But the most attractive product announcement in activities it seems that, to his organization (as far as I know) is not involved in Mas GNB, giving more than high bar in the information saturation, and practical usefulness held under its auspices. In addition, that means that you can expect that yet another player in the company with a clearly "unearthly" name (the company Inventor Industries”), which will make significant efforts to increase the demand for biotechnology by the operators and customers of construction engineering networks, including public organizations. In any case, I would very much to be like...
It is just a little disturbing is rather high cost participation (9750 roubles without VAT, in which are included the seminar, the visit, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) when a sufficiently large number of alleged co-sponsors, which cannot but affect the appearance before the above-mentioned contingent. Yet the "sprocket" denoting "A party is not valid" on the contrary of most participants. I hope this is just my "grounds" and "oriented toward demonstration" organizers. Wish them success in their difficult task. Moreover, from you, dear readers, who will participate in the proposed seminar, I ask you to tell me that how was this event.


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