Inventor Industries specialists have been on the forefront of deployment of new solutions and advanced technologies for trenchless pipeline construction, rehabilitation and integrity management since 1994. The company is also actively involved in providing equipment sourcing and engineering supervision for construction and rehabilitation of utility and oil and gas pipelines.  Among our utility partners are St. Petersburg Water Authority (Vodokanal of St. Petersburg), a member of Rosvodokanal group LuganskVoda and its contractors, the Association of Water Suppliers of Kazakhstan, Centre for Utility Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan and a number of others. 

In the oil and gas sector we work with such industry leaders as Rosneft and a number of others. In Europe and North America we act as consultants, partners or marketers for such companies as Herrenknecht AG (performing specialised sales, marketing and technology promotion functions for this world leading manufacturer of tunnelling and directional drilling equipment), Prokasro Mechatronik, Saertex Multicom, Covercat Spray Systems, SafetyLiner Systems, Para Service International and a number of other manufacturers and technology suppliers representing them in the CIS.  Inventor Industries is represented in Calgary, Canada – Canadian upstream technologies are of great interest to oilmen of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

We pride ourselves on the achievements of the 17 years of our history:

In the 90s and 00s we were the leading consultant of St. Petersburg Water and its key contractors on deployment of the leading trenchless technologies for construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sewage lines.  Our cooperation successfully continues.

•    We pioneered use of tight fit PE in-situ lining for field flowlines in Russia, which drastically reduces aggressive media impact on the internal pipe surface extending operating life and reducing failures. We continue working on introducing advanced coatings and field application methodologies.
•    We developed and produced our own product line of dry drilling HDD rigs and tooling for urban use.
•    WE were the first company to introduce in-situ application of rapid curing polyurethane internal pipe coatings in Russia and Ukraine.



Identifying, procuring and adapting technological solutions to the conditions of the client's country and terrain. We provide exhaustive objective information on the technology itself, its provider and application. We:
consult, train and organise site and factory visits
assist with adaptation of overseas technologies to the local legislation, rules and procedures
successfully resolve disputes with technology, equipment and material suppliers
assist with further penetration of a given technology in the client's country promoting the client's contracting services through our extensive network of contacts


We offer engineering supervision services for projects involving cutting edge trenchless technologies.


We offer services for sourcing and procurement of equipment and materials in Europe, North America and South East Asia:
Our clients save time and money on:

•    searching, identifying and vetting equipment and materials
•    contract administration, translation, etc.
•    delivery and customs clearance

Our knowledge of the industry, suppliers, legal and commercial edge generate savings of 10 to 30% as compared to the client venturing into the market independently

We act for the client genuinely and in good faith, jointly with technology suppliers we achieve the most effective solutions for the client, and in case of technical challenges, misunderstandings between manufacturers and the client Inventor Industries can always be counted on to be the client's reliable partner in the manufacturer's country.